Tasmania – Wild Camping

january_806It was January and I had flown on a whim to Melbourne. I went on a road trip to Adelaide with some of my favorite people to an 80th birthday at a beautiful seaside Town called, Aldinga Beach. We were only there for a few days, staying in a little Cabin and it was perhaps the driest heat I had ever felt. There was a high fire danger and most of the surrounding areas of Adelaide had become a rage of bushfire. We escaped along smokey roads back to Victoria where the weather was dry, yet cool.

A few days before flying home to Queensland I went to a dinner at the most incredible converted Warehouse in a fancy area of Melbourne my friend Nirrimi was house sitting. It was such a pleasant night, friends new and old. My dear friend Caitlin arrived, she was flying in a few hours time to Tasmania to go wild camping, she invited me to go, I couldn’t say no.

A few days later I was flying above the Bass Straight to Tasmania, an Island I had never explored. We spent some time with a new friend at his home. He owned an old cottage in a small village called Deloraine. His back garden was an intense spiral of home grown organic food. Basil self-seeded amongst the Kale. The garden was a hum of insects, bees pollinating, fuelling themselves to in return provide us with nourishment. I can no longer even remember myself without my passion for growing food. Even when I am not growing it there are photographs sent to me from gardens I have sown elsewhere. Even when a new garden doesn’t provide an abundance of food it seems the seed of home growing have been sown within new souls to be further passed on and for that I am so grateful.

Tasmania for me was one of the most natural experiences. We spent a few weeks wild camping at Liffey Falls. We spent each day with people I had never met, when I left my heart ached for their presence in my life. One of the hardest things about travel is leaving behind the people you meet. Some of the most intense connections I have ever had have been whilst travelling, meeting like-minded souls and living days, even months with them without the usual routine of life, deeper conversation & a different mindset. On this trip I met so many humans who affected me in such a positive way. Most days there would be around 15 of us, we would hike to the top of the mountain where there was an array of the most powerful waterfalls, water gushing, flowing, purely down to the bottom of the mountain where we slept at night by the river. Each day I would go and sit in the middle of a fern forrest for hours and just think, my body on a bed of moss, the sun streaking through the canopy above. At night we would all make an offering and cook big dinner’s together on the fire. I went to sleep each night to the hum of flowing water, feeling even more peaceful than the day before.

Our last night at the Falls was my favourite. We had been sleeping in a Big Teepee, staying up late laughing and chatting, deep conversations that would end in general chit chat and private jokes that had only been created days earlier. We had a big bonfire and cooked a big vegetable curry for all of us (perhaps 20-25 people from all corners of this world). A wholesome man arrived with his daughter and his friend, (a lady I have admired for years) a single mother with four of the most confident and free-spirited children you could meet. That night will stay with me forever. The man was a Turkish chef and he taught us how to make Pitta bread from scratch. The children scrambled from the fresh water streams to knead their own dough for their dinner, participating, as they should.

The next day we left the falls. We drove a few hours to a small beach town to watch live music, a new friend decided to get on stage and play, we knew all the words to his songs as they had become the sounds of life at the falls.  We sang along, I felt tears in my eyes, this man going through an intense stage of life was singing with the greatest passion, giving so much love to others. At night we drove into the mountains to a new friends home, acreage and a Food Forrest where they lived in a small cabin with their young boy. The night was music around a big fire, the next day we all walked their land, finding a mossy clearing where everyone laid down on their backs. The small boy maloray and I explored down the hill where we were Dinosaurs finding food, resting beneath leafy trees for shelter, for a moment I was a mother Dino and he was my son. Children have such a wonderful power, such an imagination. I spend all my days with children working at a School, it brings me back down to Earth in it’s purest form.


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Magnetic Island


Magnetic Island is home to me. My father was born there and lived there with his family until adulthood. Most of our childhood was spent here, exploring its vastness and tranquility. The name of the island came about because of the apparent “magnetic’ effect it had on the ship’s compass of Caption Cook as he passed the island while sailing the East Coast of Australia in 1770.

The island is a tropical paradise. The shores lined with white sand bays and fringed with coconut palms. Most of the island is made up of National Park, quiet bush land home to a vast range of Flora and Fauna.

My parents have a sweet home there. I spend my time on the island biking the hills and exploring the depths of the waves of The Great Barrier Reef. The island is filled with an array of tropical fruits waiting to be picked. I spent a lot of my childhood there and as an adult I spend most of my free time living there. There is such a community feel to is, from the moment you walk off the boat you feel like you have discovered where you have always wanted to be in life.
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