Hidden Paths of Indonesia – Part I


One day after a nourishing lunch we got on our Scooters and drove South-East of Ubud to find a Black Sand Beach. We weaved through intense traffic and smog finally reaching the quieter unpaved roads to smaller villages. We reached the beach in time for sundown. The black sands sparkled as the sun shone it’s last rays before nightfall. We ate dragon fruits, our hands stained, juices running down our arms. The waves were intense, the sands covered thick with foam.

We watched as cattle were herded along the beach. A man with a group of wild dogs walked the beach. I greeted him, a gentle man, he explained the dogs had been left by their owners. He was an English Teacher in a nearby village, he came to the beach three times a day to feed the dogs stale bread. We spoke for a long time, he was an insightful man and I was thankful to have encountered him.

The others swam while I stood amongst the fierce waves. Alba befriended Indonesian children and we watched the sun disappear behind the horizon. Another peaceful day with people I love.

Photographs taken by myself & Matt Caplin.
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Gili Islands 2014

gilitrawangan“Wherever you go, go with all your heart.”

Gili Islands are a place on Earth where all is calm and all you feel is warmth and peace. I longed to return this year so on a plane I flew and on a boat I did glide. The days I spent beneath the waves exploring the sea, cycling amongst the sand were some of the purest days I have ever felt. I was surrounded with people I adore, who make me feel the best I can feel about earth and about myself as a person here on this earth.

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