Magnetic Island


Magnetic Island is home to me. My father was born there and lived there with his family until adulthood. Most of our childhood was spent here, exploring its vastness and tranquility. The name of the island came about because of the apparent “magnetic’ effect it had on the ship’s compass of Caption Cook as he passed the island while sailing the East Coast of Australia in 1770.

The island is a tropical paradise. The shores lined with white sand bays and fringed with coconut palms. Most of the island is made up of National Park, quiet bush land home to a vast range of Flora and Fauna.

My parents have a sweet home there. I spend my time on the island biking the hills and exploring the depths of the waves of The Great Barrier Reef. The island is filled with an array of tropical fruits waiting to be picked. I spent a lot of my childhood there and as an adult I spend most of my free time living there. There is such a community feel to is, from the moment you walk off the boat you feel like you have discovered where you have always wanted to be in life.
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Paluma Range National Park – Camping

paluma_110 copyMy hometown, Townsville is nested right between Rainforest’s and The Great Barrier Reef. I spent last weekend exploring Magnetic Island and this weekend exploring Paluma Range. We made our way up the winding mountain road, the fog slowly creeping in as the light disappeared. We camped beneath heavy rainfall. We made a fire when the cloud cover disappeared and roasted vegetables for our dinner, drank wine and had sweet conversation into the night. We woke early for a picnic overlooking the Lake and spent the day slowly declining down the mountain exploring waterfalls and lush tropical forests. The air there is pure, it smells of moss and never-ending rain. It always leaves you feeling at peace.paluma_37 paluma_103 paluma_114 crystalcreek_640 paluma_97 paluma_70 crystalcreek_690 crystalcreek_642 paluma_46 paluma_65 paluma_60 paluma_72 paluma_77 paluma_112 Untitled-1 paluma_3