Paluma Range National Park – Camping

paluma_110 copyMy hometown, Townsville is nested right between Rainforest’s and The Great Barrier Reef. I spent last weekend exploring Magnetic Island and this weekend exploring Paluma Range. We made our way up the winding mountain road, the fog slowly creeping in as the light disappeared. We camped beneath heavy rainfall. We made a fire when the cloud cover disappeared and roasted vegetables for our dinner, drank wine and had sweet conversation into the night. We woke early for a picnic overlooking the Lake and spent the day slowly declining down the mountain exploring waterfalls and lush tropical forests. The air there is pure, it smells of moss and never-ending rain. It always leaves you feeling at peace.paluma_37 paluma_103 paluma_114 crystalcreek_640 paluma_97 paluma_70 crystalcreek_690 crystalcreek_642 paluma_46 paluma_65 paluma_60 paluma_72 paluma_77 paluma_112 Untitled-1 paluma_3

Hidden Paths of Indonesia – Part ||

jesshayindonesiaI decided to return to Bali for a few weeks to go exploring. I rented a little eco villa on the rice fields, myself and three other travelling artists (two of whom I had never met). We instantly became a family, so much love grew for one another.

We would wake each day to an array of wildlife sounds, echoing through the fields. The first taste to my lips would be a freshly cut coconut. With bellies filled with all kinds of goodness we’d get on our bicycles and explore the vastness of the mountains. The warmth of the air was calming, night would fall and the freshness would return. For weeks we wandered, coming across sustainable schools, local farmers with organic farms, abandoned lands and even a bamboo forrest with a family of weavers. Somedays we’d go on our Scooters and ride all day through mountains, past volcanos, along cliffside’s. All the while collecting wild seeds which were given to a local Community Garden, trying to brighten lives with a little bit of wild earth and kindness. The natural Food Forest’s of Bali are phenomenal, all growing wildly, untouched giving so much back in such an authentic way.

One day we collected manure immersed with rice husk, healthy soil and spent the morning  in the sun making seeds balls to grow vibrant life. The whole while we ate the most nourishing organic foods, raw, home grown goodness, mostly we lived off tropical fruits.

My love for organic gardening and permaculture only grows deeper in time. I try to immerse myself into this lifestyle as much as possible, this exploration only allowed my passion and longing to flourish. To spend this time exploring with sweet nature lovers and genuine souls was enough love to last a lifetime.

I am now home for another 6 weeks in Australia working at an incredible Primary School. The school has an Aquaponics Garden, Chickens, Bees, a Butterfly House and a Windmill with arid landscape. Rain water is harvested in Water Tanks. The classrooms are covered in butterfly and passionfruit vines, raised beds line the fences where herbs thrive, sweet potatoes weave and Paw Paws flower & bloom. I am spending my time with children I adore & amongst gardens where I grow. Soon I am off to Vietnam to make a short film documentary on Permaculture. Life is filled with endless beauty if we allow ourselves the time to see and follow it.

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