A Small Village in Tasmania – Deloraine

A Small Village in Tasmania

I flew from Melbourne on a whim to Launceston, Tasmania. My friend Caitlin picked me up in her friends 4WD and we drove to the small town of Deloraine. Deloraine is an artists true delight. The High Street is lined with co-ops & local galleries. We made our way to our home for the next few days, an old cottage with one of the largest food gardens I had seen before, there were beds of Kale to last a year. A young man named Jesse owned the house and grew nearly all of his food. He was kind enough to let us sleep on his floor. We spent days there, having picnics by the water, watering the gardens with fermenting buckets of comfrey grown wild and immersing ourselves in the backyard together with good company and conversation.

I met the most curious young boy, a free-range child, we became friends instantly and explored the garden together one afternoon climbing a mountain of palets pretending we were pirates on a ship, he had a wicked personality. I always learn the most from children. Befriending children is so different in comparison to meeting new adults. A child doesn’t even need to know your name or anything about you and almost instantly your imaginations are burning like wildfire.